Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pictures of Collin

 Daddy, Collin, and our new cousin Brynn Lee Wilson.
 You can't tell me how to sit in a chair.
My little boy is so big now.  

Happy Day When Cousins Visit

 Fun times at the park.
 Our fearless Lexie and Uncle Ryan.
My sweet Adon.

Easter Day

 The boys got kites in their Easter Baskets.  Aaron and Kadie helped them catch the little wind that blew that beautiful day.
 If at first you don't succeed....
 ...try, try again.
We found this nest in our grill.  We used this grill two weeks ago, nos it was plum full of the makings of a nest.  The birds were not happy that we removed the nest.

Easter Hideout

 Collin found eggs at the East Egg Hunt.
 So did Adon.
 We also found long lost cousins/friends.
Lots of them.

Collin's 4th Birthday

 Collin helped make his birthday cupcakes.  Here he is peeking into the oven to see if they are done yet.
 The Death Star pinata is finally ready to be destroyed.
 Adon posing with the Star Wars Lego cup cakes
 At the party each kid was able to dress up like a Jedi and make their own light saber out of a pool noodle and some strategically applied duct tape.
 They they were able to battle Darth Maul played by my sweetie Aaron.  He shaved his head and painted his face just for the occasion.
 Then we pumped them full of sugar; cupcake and ice cream time!
 Then we let them loose on the Death Star. 
 They collected their rewards.
Collin's favorite part; opening presents.  Thanks to every one for coming and making it so much fun.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All Moved In

Here are some picture of the results of our hard work. You can look at previous posts to check out the before pictures. Here are the stairs. Remember how they had no carpet or padding? We also painted the entire inside of the house ...(except the bathroom. It somehow all ready matches).
Current living room. Our new couch (my Christmas present) and Aaron's tv (his Christmas present). We added window treatments.

The piano fits! We also have a little space for a dining table. So wanted that. Its cozy and needs cleaning a lot but all our work has made it home. I'm so glad that the book shelves I made back in high school fit as well. They display some of my books that have been in storage for....years.

We added some much needed cupboard space above the fridge and this little shelf to hold the microwave and toaster oven. Most of my measuring cups and spoons are magnetized to the fridge because there are no drawers.

A folding card table adds a little counter space. We painted and Daryl applied new Formica on the shelves and counter by the sink. I have my little herb garden in the window and a curtain to blow out our lovely street lamp... (also new but not put in by us). There you have it. A little glimpse of the down stairs of the new Wilson Home.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back in Vernal

Collin on Grandpa's plowing tractor. I love this picture. Once in about a 1,000 pics I get a good one.
Wheel barrow rides from Dad and tractor rides from Grandpa.

Adon and Grandpa going to go feed the cows.

Collin and Grandpa going to go feed the cows.